Lights, Camera, HUBTEL

HUBTEL LAUNCH (13 of 20).jpg

The lights dimmed, an orchestra themed melody rang through the air as all eyes were transfixed on one spot. The applause was deafening as the LED screens where our eyes were glued parted ways amidst flashing lights and flaming pyrotechnics to reveal a three-dimensional backlit sign. I felt a sudden surge of fulfillment run through me as I read out the words HUBTEL.


The word Hubtel has been on my lips for the past 4 months in countless presentations, brainstorm sessions, deep dives and meetings. I am extremely proud to say I was part of the versatile, die-hard and resilient team that brought HUBTEL to life. After 12 years of delivering mobile technology solutions to businesses and their customers Hubtel is here to not only replace the name SMSGH, but to rethink how it does business. SMSGH had outgrown it’s name and needed to give customers more value and an opportunity to access it’s full bouquet of solutions. For any business to grow, the customer is always the defining factor and SMSGH discovered this early. Once your customer succeeds, your business succeeds too. Therefore increasing your business’s revenue must not always be an acquisition drive but a customer value initiative. In this light SMSGH has rebranded to Hubtel so it can serve customers better, and improve how we do business.


I am not only thrilled that most of our ideas and dreams met fruition, I am enthusiastic that the way we do business is going to change and hopefully other businesses will follow suit. A rebrand is not only about a logo change, or that big signage propped up on your office building, but it’s more of a mindset change. When you change your mindset, it influences your values, which in turn drives you to achieve your business objectives. We are rethinking how we operate, how we deliver and most of all how we serve our customers. For more details, visit and join us rethink customer service.

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